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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

I found a new rumor!
Martin in Superman? Oct. 8, 2004
Source: Latino Review by: Omar Aviles

Superman news article pic I know what you're thinking. It's been almost two days without a SUPERMAN rumor. Just as I was going into withdrawal, though, a fresh one recently popped up. Whew! A scooper sent Latino Review news that Steve Martin may be up for the role of Perry White, Superman's boss at the newspaper, The Daily Planet, where Superman works incognito as Clark Kent. Apparently, Martin made an appearance at a theater in Palo Alto where a play he's written was being performed but had to leave early as he had an appointment with Bryan Singer, presumably to discuss the Perry role and not to play Magic: The Gathering and trade LORD OF THE RINGS action figures. I think Martin could work as Perry White but, of course, it's just a rumor and could be debunked once an official casting announcement is made. In the meantime, we'll have to wait at least a few hours before another rumor surfaces. I know, I know, it's like nobody even cares about such a high profile project. Crazy.


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