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Thursday, November 25, 2004

Billy Connolly starts a rumor

Scottish Daily Record
November 25, 2004, Thursday
With Beverley Lyons And Cath Bennett

COMEDIAN Billy Connolly has revealed he could be on the verge of a new career - as the lead singer of a celebrity band.

Connolly, who was criticised after allegedly making a sick joke about murdered Iraqi hostage Ken Bigley, said he spends much of his spare time 'making music' with his celebrity pals. And he boasts that with Steve Martin, Eric Idle and Robin Williams in his group, they certainly take the title of the funniest music act.

Connolly, who struggled to make a living as a banjo player in the Sixties, said: 'I don't write songs anymore, but I sing and play every day. 'Steve plays the banjo and Eric plays the guitar. We get together as often as we can and jam a little. We bought Robin in to play the ukulele, but he hasn't studied much. 'He just sits and does animal noises and makes up verses. It's great.'

In October, Connolly had been performing in London when his routine touched on the Iraqi hostage crisis.

It was reported that he told the audience: 'Perhaps I shouldn't be saying this, but don't you wish they would just get on with it?'

Connolly later said the gag was taken out of context, and the Bigley family would not have been offended if they had been in his audience. He said: 'I didn't say the remark and I didn't wish the man any harm at all. I don't do that. Why would I?'

Bigley was executed days later.


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