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Monday, November 22, 2004

Steve in the Village

The San Francisco Chronicle
Sometimes happiness is easier to find than hipness
Carolyne Zinko

It's one of the unwritten rules of traveling: The harder you try, the less you find.

On a summer trip to New York, I was on a tight schedule, trying to find the maximum number of hip hangouts in the minimum time for a story assignment. But the places I'd been told that "everyone" was trying to get into suddenly seemed to have nobody in them. Where there were a few bodies, they weren't the celebrity somebodies I wanted to find.

Chasing celebrities like Misha might have been futile, but focusing on good food -- and our own desires -- had unexpected rewards. A friend had made a reservation for us at Il Cantinori in Greenwich Village, said to be one of the first restaurants to bring Tuscan cuisine to the United States. Given a choice of where to sit when we arrived, we decided to hide in the back, where it was quiet.

Halfway through our linguini with clams, Steve Martin and three other people were seated just behind us. I couldn't see who the other man was, but when his female companion dropped her lipstick and it rolled under our table, I was able to sneak a look. It was actor Jean Reno, Robert DeNiro's co-star in one of my favorite movies, "Ronin." (It has a lot of futile chases, too.)


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