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Friday, December 03, 2004

More Mirabelle

December 3, 2004, Friday, FINAL EDITION
LIFE; Pg. 1E
Danes has Steve Martin's 'Shopgirl' in the bag
Donna Freydkin


Zac Posen and Prada aficionado Claire Danes steps behind the store counter in Shopgirl, the big-screen adaptation of Steve Martin's 2000 debut novella.

By day, Danes' Mirabelle sells accessories at a posh department store; by night, she watches the telly at home. But her quiet life is disrupted when she meets and falls for a womanizing millionaire played by Martin.

"It's really intimate," Danes says of the film, which has no release date set yet. "The book was inspired by an actual relationship Steve had with a woman whom I spoke with and who remains a good friend of his to this day."

So much so that she would even visit the set, Danes says. "I felt a certain responsibility towards her," Danes says. "But I haven't seen the final product. I don't know what we'll get, exactly."

She adds that the production threw Martin into "a perpetual state of deja vu, because he'd lived it."


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