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Friday, January 28, 2005

Wow! We're famous

This is just a personal note because occasionally doing this site blows me away.

I started this just because I had soooo much Stevestuff that it seemed a shame to hide it under a basket. I knew that I had access to some extraordinary sources that were unavailable to others, and it was a shame to have it and not share it. Hence the Compleat Steve.

The response has been interesting. I expected that fellow completists from the messageboard would frequent the place, but beyond that I had no idea who would find it. It's been used by the Goethe Society of Australia to the producer of the recent Cinematheque Awards show. I answer lots of questions about Steve from the simple to the extremely obscure. Other people send me articles I missed, so this is not a solo operation -- and thanks to them.

Since I started watching statistics, I've had about a 100+ viewers a day -- sometimes more, sometimes less. However, I just checked the stats and found a 10-20fold jump in that. Turns out that Airbag Industries, a very interesting blog, BB Spot, another blog, and Yahoo Picks all linked to the site at about the same time. Yahoo did a nice review as well. Thanks to all.

So new visitors and returning ones as well, thanks for coming. I hope you find something of interest.



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