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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Another insider bit about Shopgirl

FILM INSIDER: 'Shopgirl' Personal to Martin
Funnyman Steve Martin seems to be dipping into the fountain of youth in his book-turned-movie "Shopgirl," wherein the 59-year-old has the pleasure of dating Claire Danes -- only a mere 35 years his junior. So why such an enormous age difference? "I guess it's based on an experience that is real. I think that's what Claire told me, so I hold my tongue," says actress Bridgette Wilson with a laugh. After all, this is Hollywood.

Wilson, who's been spending much of her time as a mom to 2-year-old Christian, her son with hubby Pete Sampras, hits the big screen as the uppity makeup clerk in Martin's creation. "I'm sort of the diva one who thinks I run the store," she adds. "She gets curious about the relationship that's developing between Steve Martin and Claire Danes' character." Who wouldn't? But for Wilson, playing the snooty character wasn't too hard because "he [Martin] did the book first, then the script, now the movie so he had a very clear idea of each character and that really helped in putting it to life."

The story follows a disenchanted salesgirl and aspiring artist (Danes) who sells gloves and accessories at a department store. She has two men in her life -- a wealthy divorcee (Martin) and a struggling musician -- and she eventually must choose between them. "They are very personal characters to him, which makes it fun because you can really get a look into what he's been thinking," notes Wilson about the legendary writer-performer. As for working with him, "He's a really interesting man. He's one of those guys that is so funny and so wildly intelligent that on and off the screen he makes just a very different person as well."

"Shopgirl" is set to hit theatres next year and according to Wilson, it may even take a stop at Sundance. "I'm very curious about how it will come across because there's humor in it but there's a lot of other subtle, curious messages under it too," she says. Until then, Wilson says that she and Pete are going to be taking it easy while enjoying the wonderful world of parenthood.

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