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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Steve Acts Out

This is from a blog by screenwriter Paul Davidson, and the following was a comment in a long line of feedback to one of his postings:
"Through working on a shitty dating show co-starring a relatively unknown woman who was dating Steve Martin at the time, I had occasion to have dinner with Steve Martin. He turned out to be very nice, but very quiet, and relatively intellectual. Not much like his on-screen persona. But he played on the [Edward]Norton-syndrome with our waitress, who you could tell was surprised to be serving someone as famous as he is. As she leaned to fill his water glass, her hand happened to touch Steve Martin's fork. Very seriously, he looked her in the eye and said, "You touched my fork." She about died and started apologizing profusely. He let her off the hook pretty quickly, with a nice smile and a laugh.

Then he stabbed her with the fork.

Posted by: clightbo | March 15, 2004 04:21 PM"


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