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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Zee Canadians make fun of Steve's accont

April 8, 2005 Friday
National Edition
Sumpsing sillee zis way comes wis M. Martin's Panther
J. Kelly Nestruck., National Post

Just how silly will Steve Martin's French accent be when he takes on the role of Inspector Jacques Clouseau in the upcoming remake of The Pink Panther? Veree, veree sillee, judging by the trailer up at In fact, at least two lines spoken by Martin's Clouseau in the short preview are just plain incomprehensible. Presumably, the filmmakers decided to reduce the chances of further inflaming FrancoAmerican relations by casting an actual French actor, Jean Reno speaking in an actual French accent, as Clouseau's new sidekick (the politically-incorrect Cato is KO-ed from the remake). But the joke is on them: Originally from Morocco, Reno was born Don Juan Moreno y Jederique Jimenez to Spanish parents. We'll have to wait until the movie comes out to see what accent Kevin Kline, who nailed Parisian in 1995's French Kiss, pulls out as Clouseau's superior/nemesis Dreyfus. He only howls in pain, hit by various objects, in the trailer. It's difficult to tell from the old-ladies-getting-hit-in-the-head preview whether this Pink Panther, scheduled for release in September, will live up (down?) to the Blake Edwards originals with Peter Sellers, but what's been done to Henry Mancini's classic Pink Panther theme does not bode well. There's the trademark bum-bum, bum-bumm of the alto sax, but halfway through the trailer a horrible canned dance beat is added in. Do zey have a leesonce for zees Mancini?


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