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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Pleasure of My Company to be a movie?

May,2004, Vol. 117 Issue 5, p8-9.


"I know I will never be perceived as a novelist," says actor and author Steve Martin. "If I wrote the greatest book in the world, I know I'll never be taken seriously." Yet, as if to counter his onscreen persona, Martin writes serious books, including Shopgirl and the recently released The Pleasure of My Company. "I'm not trying to be a novelist," Martin tells The Washington Post. "I'm only writing when I have something to say." Nevertheless, he notes, "I am an entertainer. I have a sense of audience. I want them to like it. I'm invested in the book."

Neither book was written with the intent of turning it into a movie, yet both are now being filmed--and Martin has written the screenplay for each. But he finds a special pleasure in writing fiction. When Martin's housekeeper and assistant leave and it's time to close the door and work on a novel, he thinks, "Oh, goody!"



I'm interested in anything to do with the Civil War and with Cassville, Georgia. Your blog is interesting.


A Cassville Heritage Association member, Cassville, Georgia

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Interesting blog. Keep up the good work.


Johnny Reb

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