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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Roger is seriously ill

Hope he gets well soon

National Post (f/k/a The Financial Post) (Canada)
June 30, 2005 Thursday
Toronto Edition
ARTS & LIFE; Scene; Pg. PM8
Funny man's best friend: Steve Martin's beloved dog, Roger, takes ill in Toronto
Shinan Govani

Imagine the scene at a Yonge/ Davenport-area animal clinic last week: your typical Doolittle gathering of queasy cats, delicate dogs, nail-bitten pet owners ... and cosmopolitan comic Steve Martin?

A sick puppy sent The Father of the Pooch rushing to Toronto's Veterinary Emergency Clinic last Wednesday night. Imagine the surprise of those sitting in the reception area, who lifted their lashes to see Martin looking so glum he might have been beamed in from an Edward Hopper painting.

Martin's dog, a golden Labrador retriever, was in the examining room when one of my pet peeps noticed the actor. Dressed in a yellow cotton sweater and khakis, he was with a woman in her twenties or possibly early thirties. "I didn't see the dog, but staff at the clinic said it was very ill," my spy reports, adding that the top-notch clinic offers 24-hour care, is relatively expensive ($100 minimum exam charge) and, unlike most vet offices in the city, "doesn't smell like cat spray."

While we don't know the exact nature of the illness, an inside source on the set of Cheaper by the Dozen 2 -- the movie Martin's in town shooting -- said that, whatever it is, it's serious. According to the source: "Some things on the movie had to be rescheduled because of the dog."

The 10-year-old Labrador, who goes by the name Roger and has a deadpan expression not unlike his celebrity owner, is by all accounts the man's best friend. Various people have spotted Martin walking him -- or maybe he was walking Martin -- around the city, including, according to one eyewitness, down the laneway behind Remys restaurant in Yorkville. Indeed, in an Esquire cover story some years back, the animal was described as his "constant companion."

And while the novel-writing, art-collecting, New Yorker-contributing Hollywood A-lister has had his share of women -- Victoria Tennant, Bernadette Peters, Anne Heche -- the mag categorically declared that Martin's life, really, can be divided into "Before Roger" and "After Roger."

The Esquire writer also further babbled about the love between man and dog: "Roger is running the show. Roger just exists. Steve thinks a lot about existence and relationships, including his relationship with Roger. Roger is warm, friendly, outgoing. He likes everybody he meets and wags his tail and shimmies his back end. Martin, while he's thinking so much these days, might be thinking he should be like Roger."

Hey, Steve: Really hope Roger feels better soon!


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