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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Sex symbols for geezers :)

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The Charlotte Observer
Posted on Fri, Jun. 03, 2005
Hot 50 stars for folks of a certain age

OK. You're getting middle-aged. You go to a movie starring someone like Halle Berry or Ashton Kutcher and you feel a littl e, well, uncomfortable admitting how gorgeous you think they are. Even Johnny Depp is too young for your fantasy crushes.

No worries.

AARP has issued a list of celebrities who, like you, are old. How old? Old enough to remember when Deep Throat was simultaneously a political mystery figure and a movie -- neither of which you ever dreamed you'd get to see.

How considerate, then, for the over-50 organization to compile a Hot Fifty List, revealed in the July/August issue of AARP Magazine.

For your age-appropriate dreaming pleasure, here are a few who made the list: Denzel Washington, Dennis Quaid, Julio Iglesias, Kim Basinger, Tina Turner, Liam Neeson, Jessica Lange, Ed Harris, Sting, Harry Belafonte, Lesley Stahl, Sam Shepard, Steve Martin, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Paul Newman, Queen Noor, Condoleezza Rice, Jacqueline Bisset, Lauren Hutton and Robert Redford.


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