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Friday, July 08, 2005

Listen! An encouraging word

The Advertiser
July 7, 2005 Thursday
Devil's Advocate Arguing against popular opinion;
Martin will be a better Clouseau than Sellers

FOR starters, nerdy comic Peter Sellers was a self-centred mummy's boy with no personality and some awful films to his name. And he didn't even like Inspector Clouseau, the bumbling role he's best remembered for.

On the other hand, the perpetually grey yet evergreen Steve Martin has adopted the mac and accent of Clouseau for a new Pink Panther prequel. That should finally show up Sellers for the hack he was.

Besides Martin's amazing ability to consistently hold film-goers from the 1970s up to today - when has he ever lost his audience? - his track record with remakes is long and impressive.

Forget critical tirades - that's just jealousy. Forget woeful box office results - that's human error. Having been in about 10 remakes (he showed up Spencer Tracy in the Father of the Bride upgrades), Martin has always got the better of the material he's ripping off. Look out, Sellers.

And the reason Martin's Pink Panther has been pushed to a March, 2006, release, instead of its original September, 2005, launch, can only be due to smear campaigns run by Sellers' freaks.


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