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Sunday, August 14, 2005

New Steve Article #1

KMT has been busy again.
Toronto Star

Aug. 14, 2005. 01:00 AM
Martin's magic you may have missed

That arrow through Steve Martin's head got stuck in everyone's mind. But his varied career has had some highlights that never reached that kind of immortality. Casual fans may want to check out:

Picasso at the Lapin Agile: Martin's droll play imagines Picasso and Einstein meeting in a Paris bistro in 1904. When one codger bemoans premature ejaculation, Germaine the barmaid retorts, "Is there any other kind?"

Shopgirl: Martin's first novella, now a movie starring the author, was awell-reviewed, if slight, tale of a doomed romance. "Back in the car, he suggests that she stay at his place for the night. Mirabelle takes this as an expression of his caring, which it is. It is just that his caring is a potion, mixed with one part benevolent altruist and one part chimpanzee penis."

Spanish Prisoner: A rare example of Martin playing the villain, and a scary one at that. It makes his humour all the sharper. As Jimmy Dell, a rich playboy with a hidden agenda, Martin gets hassled at an exclusive club when he is denied lunch privileges. "Are you sending me out for a burger?" he roars. He also utters a line which, in the case of the smiling Dell, is totally untrue: "Good people, bad people, they generally look like what they are."


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