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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Steve -- hotter than Hilary Duff?

NBC News Transcripts
Today 7:00 AM EST NBC
August 18, 2005 Thursday
On the set of "Cheaper By The Dozen 2"; Rob Schneider discusses reprising role of Deuce Bigalow; controversy over new black comedy, "Starved"

KATIE COURIC, co-host:

Wow, I'm impressed. She has her own song, her own little video intro thing. This morning on THE RAPP REPORT, this is very exciting, Jill, we go on location with "Cheaper By The Dozen 2," Deuce Bigalow heads to Amsterdam and a controversial series hits the small screen. Our entertainment reporter, Jill Rapp Rapp Rapp, call her the rapper, Rappaport...


You like that?

COURIC: here with all the juicy details. Hi, Jill.

RAPPAPORT: How about that graphic? I was all mouth, teeth and tonsils, huh? Anyway...

COURIC: Well, what can I say?

RAPPAPORT: If it fits, right? Anyway, can't get enough of that Duff stuff, and we caught up with her on the set of her sequel, Hilary Duff, we're talking about, with Steve Martin, and a look at a comedy about eating disorders. All righty then. It's all on THE RAPP REPORT.

First up, we're off to Toronto for a set visit to "Cheaper By The Dozen 2," starring Hilary Duff, Bonnie Hunt and Steve Martin.

Mr. STEVE MARTIN: When we made the first one, I became, you know, sort of affectionate toward all of these kids. And then to see them again two years later, it's really, really nice.

Miss HILARY DUFF ("Cheaper By The Dozen"): It's really a funny story line and the whole cast is back, which is great.

RAPPAPORT: And like the first one, with 12 kids in the Baker clan, there's bound to be chaos.

Unidentified Director: Action!

Ms. BONNIE HUNT ("Cheaper By The Dozen"): I come from a large family myself. But our house was, you know, much more chaotic than this movie. They could never write the chaos, the real honest chaos of a big family.

RAPPAPORT: On this day, it was somewhat bittersweet on the set, as Duff wrapped up her role and said goodbye to the cast and crew.

Miss DUFF: I haven't gotten to spend as much time on the set and you know, being here every day, because my days were more sporadic.

RAPPAPORT: That's because she's one of the hottest young stars around, and always in demand.

Mr. MARTIN: Well, I'm much hotter than Hilary Duff, but her blonde hair does a lot.

Ms. HUNT: Who's hotter? Me or Steve Martin? That's who I get compared to? Wow, I might even have a chance of winning this one.


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