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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Mirabelle's inspiration is Allyson Hollingsworth
Unveiling Steve Martin's mystery girl
By P.J. Corkery

Scooplet: Steve Martin's been rather coy in all the press generated lately about the name of the woman who is the real-life inspiration for his much-praised new flick, "Shopgirl," which stars Claire Danes. The movie, based on Martin's novella of the same title, premiered last week at the Toronto Film Festival. Claire Danes plays the eccentric young wallflower who is pursued by an older, rich divorced man, Martin. Danes, who confessed she had met the real-life inspiration for the role, said she was struck by how much alike she and the real shopgirl were. But Martin refused to name the girl.

That's OK. We will. ... Martin's real-life shopgirl is an artist with many local connections, who also has exhibited in galleries here. She's a sculptor named Allyson Hollingsworth ...

Her real-life best friends, the San Francisco artists Alexia Pilat, Svea Horton and gallery guru Jason Leggiere, also appear as characters in Martin's novella in guises that other jolly friends call "transparent." All the gang is talking about them, even if Martin isn't. … But don't take our word for it. Hollingsworth has also worked for Martin on other films. She was an art assistant on his less-than-artsy "Cheaper by the Dozen." … And just look at the novella "Shopgirl." It's dedicated to … "Allyson." ....


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