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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

** Not Steve Warning** I saw the movie Serenity...

I saw "Serenity" tonight. It was worth seeing.

The movie is a lot of fun. It's got sad, it's got surprising, it's got funny, it's got wit. And you like the characters. The bad guy is a reaaaally bad guy. The ship's crew establish themselves as individuals (although you'd like more character development if you haven't followed the series "Firefly".

The crowd at the theater I attended were a very mixed group. They ranged from 70s down to young children. They certainly weren't all there because they were Firefly fans. Many had won tickets on radio contests. Some, like me, were bloggers. But the crowd was together in laughing out loud through the movie at the funny (intentionally) lines that accompanied the tense scenes.

The special effects are decent, with the 3d done by Rhythm and Hues. The plot was sometimes thin, but I didn't really care because I was enjoying the ride.

I recommend it as a date movie or to see alone.


I have not seen that yet, but Cheaper by the Dozen 2 was good.

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