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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Paparazzi view

The Toronto Sun
September 10, 2005 Saturday
NEWS; Night Scrawler; Pg. 67

THIS IS one of those nights where you just let the pictures do the talking.

If you like to see celebrities in person, there really is no better opportunity since the Toronto International Film Festival is as much about the fans as it is about the stars. You sure don't have to have a ticket to be part of it.

"I want to see Orlando Bloom," says Hitomi Nakamura, who was out on the town with her little camera last night.

Others out for a look are people like Victoria Rutwind -- a law student who I found out had been an actor in her youth. She's going more for a corporate law career now but Scrawler thinks she's just as beautiful as many of the big shots in the movies.

The stars are pretty good with the fans at this event --and they understand this is not the time to play prima donna. But there are exceptions. Anybody know who Jason Schwartzmann is and why he would rush by photographers so they can't get a good shot?

But the other stars in Shopgirl were pretty good at their film party at The Carlu. Steve Martin was all smiles and Claire Danes made sure the shooters got her. I really liked Ericka Christensen, too --what a lady and what a beauty.

Other stars like Adam Brody, Val Kilmer, Heath Ledger, Ed Harris, Gordon Lightfoot and Tommy Chong have been terrific. "I thought Tommy Chong was a hoot," said 680 News entertainment editor Gloria Martin, whose microphone was jokingly commandeered and turned into a pretend bong. Yes, the mood is pretty good.

"Everybody likes to look at the photos but no one likes the photographers," said one of those professional paparazzi guys in from Los Angeles.

This is a week, though, where it does pay off if you have a camera. Hang around Yorkville today and you'll see some stars for sure. What I love about some of the parties is how the stars come out of their limos and run into people like my pal Robert Ferguson. He's been on the street for years and it's tragic, but he's always got a great sense of humour and I can tell you he was a good hockey player in his day.

"The Kitchener Rangers used to watch me play," he said, his face kind of mangled from a recent fight.

You should see the other guy. But it is a neat contrast and the "oh-so serious" Hollywood promo types don't know what to do when they run into a guy like that. Hey, it's his city and he's here all the time, I say.

By the way, I mistakenly wrote in yesterday's column that Ruby Dhalla is our youngest MP when it should have said youngest female MP. The youngest MP distinction should have gone to Pierre Poilievre of Nepean. She's still hotter than him, though. I stand by that.

Also I have heard the rumours about a U2 New Orleans benefit show at the ACC for tonight or tomorrow but have not been able to confirm it. One source told me to "bank on it" because Bono wants to raise some money, but others say it may not happen now. Also lots of talk about Elton John getting married at the Windsor Arms but no one seems to be confirming that. If you were there and have a picture, be sure to call. Also Bono, let me know what's happening on your thing, too.


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