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Monday, September 05, 2005

Steve Martin makes CBTD2 because of death threat!

... or not.
July 28, 2005
'Cheaper By the Dozen' in a Canoe!

In 2003, STEVE MARTIN and BONNIE HUNT successfully managed to raise a brood of 12 kids in the comedy 'Cheaper by the Dozen.' And with the family flick generating nearly $200 million in worldwide ticket sales, a reunion of the gargantuan group certainly comes as no surprise.

Sure enough, in 'Cheaper By the Dozen 2,' Martin and Hunt, reprising their roles as Tom and Katie Baker, decide to take their big bunch on a camping excursion -- and wind up rivaling against another colossal clan, headed up by Martin's 'Bringing Down the House' co-star, funnyman EUGENE LEVY!

"The dad decides, because everybody's getting older and people are spreading out a bit, this might be the last opportunity to go back to the lake," Martin explains to our PAT O'BRIEN while shooting at the Rockwood Conservation Area just outside of Toronto. "And there's always been sort of a competition at the lake between these two families, the Murtaughs and the Bakers, and of course, I vow to not get involved in the competition and I think you can figure out what happens."

In addition to Martin and Hunt, all the players who portrayed their sons and daughters in the first flick are back, including teen sensation HILARY DUFF.

"It's really fun to see the kids a couple years older. They've changed a lot," says Hunt. "It's sweet. It's nice to be in their lives again. So many times, kids in this business do a movie and never see the people they worked with again, and this is kind of nice for the children."

As far as returning for the second one, did Martin find it to be a difficult decision to make? "Not at all," he says, before jokingly adding, "because they said they'd kill me if I didn't do it."

For more with Steve Martin and Bonnie Hunt from the set of 'Cheaper By the Dozen 2,' watch tonight's "Insider!"


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