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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Good Review 2
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Like so many before her, Mirabelle Buttersfield (Claire Danes) came to Los Angeles a small-town girl with big-city dreams, only to wind up just another lonely cog in the machine – selling gloves from an isolated corner counter at Beverly Hills’ Saks Fifth Avenue. Then, suddenly, fate throws her an unexpected curve – not one, but two suitors, who could not be more different: Jeremy (Jason Schwartzman), a lovably eccentric slacker, and Ray (Steve Martin), a charming and very wealthy middle-aged logician. But traditional Hollywood love triangulation this is not, for Mirabelle’s emotional odyssey is less about the awkward mechanics of romance than the ways in which human beings fall prey to the emotional arrhythmia of an immense, disconnected urban jungle.

For well over a decade now, Steve Martin has been increasingly exploring his inner poet, all but shedding any remaining vestiges of the erstwhile wild and crazy guy. But with this magical, poignant gem, he verges on the Chaplinesque – that rare nexus where tears and laughter intersect. It’s not perfect – adapting from his own acclaimed novella, Martin sometimes seems to be cutting corners to make the one form fit into the other – but, under the sensitive, artful direction of Anand Tucker (Hilary and Jackie), Martin’s penetrating observations on the agony and ecstasy of life, love, and broken dreams coalesce into a triumphant, heartfelt whole. (Wade Major) (Pacific ArcLight, Laemmle’s Monica)


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