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Friday, October 07, 2005

Is Steve going to Chicago?

umm... found this one.
2005 Chicago Film Festival GLBT Movies
by Richard Knight, Jr.

Though less than 10% of the more than 100 films at this year’s Chicago International Film Festival, Oct. 6-20, have upfront GLBT content, at least two of them are “must sees” for film lovers of all persuasions. First up is Transamerica, in which Desperate Housewives Emmy winner Felicity Huffman stars as a male-to-female transgender person connecting with the teenage son she never knew about. The second is That Man: Peter Berlin, a documentary about the 1970s gay poster pin-up boy and inspiration for erotic artist Tom of Finland and photographers Andy Warhol and Robert Mapplethorpe.


Kutza also hinted that we might see a surprise appearance by Steve Martin at the fest, who is represented by Shopgirl, the comedy made from his bestselling novel that stars Claire Danes. ****

Shopgirl shows on Oct. 11, 2005.


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