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Monday, May 15, 2006

Under the radar

Where is he going? Where will he be? Who knows.

Here's where he's been.

On May 9, 2006, Steve was in California for an American Film Institute showing of Wah Wah, a movie by his friend and cohort Richard E. Grant (of the chiming balls in L.A. Story).

Q&A followed the screening of the movie with writer/director Richard E. Grant and guest moderator writer/director/actor/author Steve Martin, followed by a hosted reception.

"Acclaimed actor Richard E. Grant’s WAH-WAH is a semi-autobiographical coming-of-age story, told through the eyes of young Ralph Compton (Nicholas Hoult). Set during the last gasp of the British Empire in Swaziland, South East Africa, in 1969, the plot focuses on the dysfunctional Compton family whose gradual disintegration mirrors the end of British rule.

As an 11 year-old, Ralph witnesses his mother's (Miranda Richardson) adultery with his father's (Gabriel Byrne) best friend.They divorce and send Ralph to boarding school. Returning home, at 14, Ralph discovers that his father has re-married Ruby (Emily Watson), an American ex-flight attendant. As round a peg as you could find in this square-holed society, Ruby ridicules the petty snobbery of the restless colonials. The chaos of Ralph’s home life combined with the confusion of adolescence and the pending independence of his “homeland” stokes Ralph’s inner turmoil, eventually forging his creative mind."


Now he could be anywhere.


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