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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Getting addicted to gawker stalker

Steve is back in NYC ...
Macbeth in Central Park
Jun 28th, 2006 @ 9pm

The Mayor with Diana Taylor, both looked chic and tan. Tom Hanks, looking taller and bigger than i expected, but unaffected and nice-seeming. Steve Martin, dapper in a white linen suit and sunglasses, chatting a lot with Tom Hanks.

UPDATE: Gawker added some on their July 3 edition:
July 3, 2006 Monday 1:05 PM EST
Classic Gawker Stalker: Bill Clinton is still the BMOC

The opening of Macbeth last night in the park was undoubtedly the most star-studded NYC opening I've been to in a while. So many stars my poor little brain almost could not compute!! First and foremost--the great one--President Clinton himself came for the show (not the benefit beforehand). He was wearing a tan summer suit (jacket off, it was sweltering) with white shirt and BRIGHT orange solid color tie. Very red-faced but totally magnetic, as always, eating up the enormous amount of attention he was getting from fellow spectators. He was there with Chelsea (who looked thin) and her boyfriend (couldn't stop looking at bill long enough to notice what he looked like). The mayor was also there with his girlfriend Diana Taylor--both looked chic, tan, and happy. They left at intermission, though, while the president stayed for the whole thing. So many other celebs there. Tom Hanks in black baseball cap, black polo shirt, and black jeans, looking taller and bigger than i expected, but totally unaffected and nice-seeming. Steve Martin, dapper in a white-ish linen suit and sunglasses, came alone, was chatting a lot with Tom Hanks. Meryl Streep & Kevin Kline were the honorees at the benefit--Streep was beautiful and friendly with no makeup and glasses, and Kline was extremely handsome in a light blue suit. They gave a very funny joint speech. Naomi Watts was there to support her boyfriend Liev Schreiber (who plays Macbeth)--she is TINY, a total slip of a woman. Would not take off her sweater despite the sweltering heat. Juliana Margulies was there looking stylish but overly made up in a black top and white pinstripe pants, hair pulled back, with a good looking model-y type guy. Marisa Tomei in a cute bohemian type dress with bubble hem and sky high Christian Louboutin heels. Candace Bergen and Ali Macgraw came together--Bergen looked radiant all in white, Macgraw came with her daughter. Philip Seymour Hoffman was there, looking unaffected and just like a regular guy. Diane Sawyer and Mike Nichols made an appearance--she was extremely tall and her skin had none of the smooth natural sheen it does on television, I guess makeup really does wonders for her.


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