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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Steve at the DGA Awards

Steve presented Carl Reiner the Honorary Life Member Award at the 59th Annual Directors Guild of America Awards Dinner on Saturday, February 3, 2007 at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles.

Apparently, the presentation was quite funny, although I can find little about it. There are several pics online. Here are two, and there's on with the article below. Read it; it has a Steve funny in it.

Out in Hollywood
George Hernandez
The DGAs: from Scorsese's win to Sobieski's wardrobe malfunction...

It was a heckuva night on Saturday at the star-studded Directors Guild of America Awards where the great Martin Scorsese finally won the prestigious industry prize for "The Departed." He was presented the trophy by Steven Spielberg and said: "It's the first time I've been given this recognition...I didn't think I'd be standing here tonight I can tell you that...I am greatly honored."

But just as touching was earlier in the evening when a dashing Leonardo DiCaprio, star of "The Departed" as well as Scorsese's "The Aviator" and "The Gangs of New York" showed such class and respect when presenting his mentor and "teacher" a nomination medallion. (What's cool about the DGAs is that all the five feature film nominees get a big presentation from one of the stars of their film so everyone is a winner on this night). DiCaprio, easily the most handsome man in the room, said he was "forever changed" by the seven years he has spent working with Scorsese. "He's not just a director, he's an educator."

Scorsese was so clearly moved by DiCaprio's tribute and it was indeed the most heartfelt of the night: "That was beautiful Leo. Thank you. Thank you. My God. That was quite moving."

Besides the Scorsese win, the other most buzzed-about moment of the night was about presenter LeeLee Sobieski who was presenting the daytime television directorial prize. The statuesque beauty walked out wearing a very revealing dress that would make Carmen Electra look like a nun. As she began her presentation, the dress shifted and half of her breast was exposed. She was completely unaware and kept on with her presentation which was filled with seductive lines about each soaps plotline. She went on and on and on. The audience was spellbound. When the ballroom was darkened to show clips of the nominees, Sobieski remained on the stage to prepare to announce the winner. No one told her of her wardrobe malfunction or ran out with some double-stick tape to rescue her. She announced the winner, breast nipple still exposed and was asked to read the absent winner's acceptance speech. She did. It was a long one. She remained projected on all of the big screens in the ballroom. It was like we were all in grade school with the room buzzing and people giggling.

Host Carl Reiner, who would remark about all that had gone on, left that one alone. But Maria Bello took the stage in a red dress with a plunging neckline and said the audience: "Please, dear God someone tell me if my boob falls out. Please, be brave." She then jokingly covered her breasts with both hands for a second before reading the nominations.

But the LeeLee fin was not over. Presenter Steve Martin took the stage and said: "Sorry I was a little late. I was backstage trying to convince LeeLee Sobieski that the best way to remove double-sided tape is with saliva."

BIG laugh followed.

I will say this: Sobieski did not let it get her down. After the show, she was strolling around the ballroom lobby looking very lovely (malfunctioned fixed), posed for pictures with fans and appeared to be in a very good mood. I personally wanted to throw a poncho over her or something.

What a night.


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