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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Steve partying down at Oscar time

Steve has been to a number of events around the Oscars. I have included several articles here for different parties. Seemed silly to split them into separate posts.
Oscar Diller Thriller: Picnic Of The Moguls

Ostensibly, it's in honor of Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter. But if you ask me, Barry Diller's annual Oscars picnic today, complete with four buffet stations, is the ultimate mogul meet'n'greet. Sure, on Friday night, Bryan Lourd's party got the stars (but would it kill him to actually serve dinner?) and Ed Limato's got talent and execs and Ari Emanuel's got two tents' worth of celebs and studio heads. And tonight Jeffrey Katzenberg's got money ($50,000 a ticket to benefit the Motion Picture Home), which is why Clint Eastwood, Will Smith, Helen Mirren, Rick Fox, Serena Williams and Alan Horn put in an appearance at the Beverly Hills Hotel pool where the cabanas were taken over by McDonald's, L'Oreal, Lexus, and Target. But Diller's luncheon sur l'herbe (VIPs sitting at picnic tables with a careless let-them-eat-cake air) was filled with cashmere polo-shirted raw power -- and a few has-beens for comic relief. I've sleuthed out who was there this afternoon between 12:30 p.m. and 4 p.m., and even I'm impressed. Let's put it this way, I'm told Jann Wenner's eyes looked like they were going to bug out of his head -- if, for no other reason, than that he was small fry among all the Big Media bigwigs. nikkioscarsml2.JPGBut super-casual gatherings like this also come with pitfalls: Jeff Zucker probably didn't want to run into Les Moonves. Just as Jonathan Dolgen and Tom Freston didn't care to chat with Sumner Redstone. On the other hand, everyone did want to come up to Larry Mark and congratulate him for Dreamgirls. Even the moguls were eying Anderson Cooper in his tight-fitting grey T-shirt. Sidney Poitier was lunching with Sherry Lansing. But when David Geffen arrived, he was greeted like a visiting potentate. And, of course, Diller (in green cargo pants, no socks and Puma sneakers) played host at his Beverly Hills mansion with wife Diane Von Furstenberg (in one of her signature wrap dresses). Complaints came in to me about this year's food ("the worst I've had -- ever"). The only edible offerings were those little cups of lobster or tomato bisque soup served on trays like appetizers, and the entrées of Philly cheesesteak and lobster club sandwiches. The guests included (in no particular order, so don't draw conclusions): Michael Eisner, Bert Fields, Rupert Murdoch, Jack Valenti, Brad Grey, Harvey Weinstein, Ron Meyer, Joel Silver, Jeff Robinoff, Kevin McCormack, Tom Rothman, Jim Gianopulos, Larry David, Warren Beatty, Bette Midler, George Hamilton, Laurence Bender, Penny Marshall, Sheryl Crow, Hugh Jackman, Bryan Lourd, Jeff Berg, Jim Wiatt, John Goldwyn, Larry Gordon, Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, Sandy Gallin, Dominick Dunne, Bob Colacello, Jeff Greenfield, Arianna Huffington, Fran Leibowitz, Bob Daly, Cheryl Tiegs, Howard Rosenman, Jason Binn, Sydney Pollack and Shirley MacLaine. My favorite line from the afternoon: one of "Chuck's" valet parkers running down Coldwater Canyon shouting, "Get Joel Silver's Maybach." That's the $400,000+ business jet on wheels, in case you didn't know.

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There are some pictures available online of the Armani event. The two URLs below have some, you can find one that included girlfriend Anne Stringfield at

~~~~ put on the glitz at Armani
Posted 2/25/2007 9:30 PM ET
By William Keck, USA TODAY

BEVERLY HILLS — Given the A-listers in attendance, the Oscars could very easily have been held a night early.

At the Armani Privé fashion show held Saturday in a tent on the sprawling Green Acres Estate of Los Angeles billionaire Ron Burkle, stars sat arm to arm in the coveted front row: Helen Mirren, Cate Blanchett, Clive Owen, George Clooney, Penelope Cruz, Leonardo DiCaprio and Beyoncé Knowles.

Also with front-row seats: Clint Eastwood, Martin Scorsese, Sidney Poitier, Andy Garcia, John Travolta with wife Kelly Preston, Mischa Barton, Lance Armstrong, Mark Wahlberg and former vice president Al Gore with wife Tipper.

Mirren and Blanchett gossiped about the runway models' small waistlines and unusual hairstyles, while DiCaprio and Wahlberg — seated across the catwalk from each other — laughed at something only they knew.

Other famous faces in the crowd included Steve Martin, Ioan Gruffudd, Dylan McDermott, Lauren Hutton, Sean "Diddy" Combs, Natalie Portman, Josh Hartnett and Faye Dunaway.

David and Victoria "Posh" Beckham, friends of the Armani house, were rumored to be making an appearance, but they didn't show. Tom Cruise also was expected (Armani dressed his wedding), but wife Katie Holmes came with her sister and Cruise's mother, Mary Lee South. Holmes explained that Cruise was hard at work portraying a U.S. senator in the drama Lions for Lambs.

Clooney said he had been in "a field in South Carolina" just the day before, shooting the romantic comedy Leatherheads. Spotting pal Quincy Jones in the crowd, he shouted, "Hey, Quin, when you coming back to Italy?" (Clooney owns a home there.)

Sharon Osborne, with daughter Kelly, found a red gemstone on the ground and turned it over to a server.

By the pool before the show, producer Harvey Weinstein brought his children to meet Gore, an Oscar nominee for his documentary, An Inconvenient Truth. Later, when a woman asked the former V.P. about what he might mention in his Oscar acceptance speech, Gore joked, "I may not be able to make a speech at all — there may be some hanging chads."

Later, Gore had one arm around his wife and the other around Blanchett, who was raving about Armani's use of metallics. She already had seen the show in Paris and was sporting a form-fitting metallic gown she said would "set off the metal detector if I tried to go through security."

Page Six
New York Post
February 25, 2007 -- The battle of the agency parties was on Friday night - with three of Hollywood's biggest throwing their Oscar bashes - and CAA won hands down.

CAA partner Bryan Lourde had the star power of the night with former Paramount chief Tom Freston and his wife, Kathy, talking to new Paramount head Philip Dauman as Tom Cruise, George Clooney, Sean Penn, Al and Tipper Gore, Jennifer Aniston, Will Smith, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jerry Seinfeld and Tom Hanks all mingled until early yesterday morning.

Doing double duty were Sacha Baron Cohen and his fiancée Isla Fisher, who went to Lourde's after they stopped by Endeavor head Ari Emanuel's $10 million spread in Brentwood. At Emanuel's was Universal chief Ron Meyer who was guiding his new boss Jeff Zucker around, introducing him to everyone. Zucker just got named the CEO of NBC Universal last week. Also at Emanuel's was CBS head Les Moonves - who was deep in conversation with Paramount president Brad Grey - and Ben Affleck.

Across town at ICM agent Ed Limato's house, only Russell Simmons, George Hamilton and Steve Martin showed.

"The heyday for this party is gone. Ed started the agency-party night and it looks like he has been beaten at his own game by CAA. I would be shocked if he held the party next year," an insider said

Limato's contract with ICM is up in June and he has yet to resign.

Meanwhile, Barry Diller once again held what many consider to be the most relaxed and fun of the Oscar-weekend parties.

Diller's annual luncheon at his Beverly Hills estate yesterday attracted Hollywood's power elite, including the Frestons, Zucker, Grey, Moonves, David Geffen - who was congratulated by many for his remarks damning Hillary Clinton -Rupert Murdoch, Viacom head Sumner Redstone, Graydon and Anna Carter, ICM chief Jeff Berg and Julie Chen.

Ellen Barkin also showed but thankfully her ex, Ron Perelman, gave the party a pass this year - and some people were wondering why Martin's girlfriend was wearing a diamond ring on her right ring finger.



February 25, 2007 -- THE annual Larry Gagosian art gallery party honored off-beat artist Damien Hirst this year. The Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, showed up at the opening to meet Hirst, then bolted without so much as an "I'll be back." Also at the event were Kirsten Dunst, Jaime King, Brandon Davis and a revved-up Courtney Love. The follow-up dinner at Mr. Chow included Robert Downey Jr., Lauren Hutton, Steve Martin and Flea.


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