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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

More Steve, More Rock Bottom Remainders

There has already been one post here about Steve's interviewing the all-author rock band, the Rock Bottom Remainders. I, of course, being the arbiter of all things Steve, bypassed the RBR's own publicity and blog and went right to their videos for your viewing enjoyment. However, Dave Barry, the spokeshumorist for the band (and a right fine spokeshumorist he is) has been parcelling out the videos in an effort to keep people coming back. PR is apparently in his blood -- blocking the arteries.

I am once again posting a page direct to the videos, including 12 new ones and Steve playing with the band. But taking pity on the RBRs, who are actually quite wonderful in an awful way, I'm including the links for them. Please give them some traffic, read about them, and support their tour if you happen to be somewhere other than in the middle of the country where they never ever come under any circumstances because we are too lowly to behold their magnificence.

The videos are here.

The RBR blog and youtube is here.

The ever funny worthwhile amusing blog of the fabulous Dave Barry, who always ignores my emails, and the truly fabulous Judi, and Walter, the walrus thing is here.


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