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Monday, June 04, 2007

Interesting new Steve stuff on youtube

Steve did an interview in 1997 with the BBC for a show called Scene by Scene in which he talks about his movies to date. You can see the first of seven segments on youtube here. I won't do the rest of the links -- you will find them all at the one above.

Also, there is a really obscure clip from a Johnny Cash Christmas special where Steve sings with Cash and Kris Kristofferson -- here.

And finally, a couple of Johnny Carson sketches. The first is his comedy act for dogs, done sometime in the 70s. The second is a long segment from a Carson special -- a magic act, singing "Climb every mountain", and a really old card trick.



Sorry to hear about the compleatsteve site going down! What a great resource. I hope it makes it back soon!


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