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Friday, June 08, 2007

Steve beaten by his father as a child

This article has been all over the internet in this word for word form. I don't know where it started, possibly PageSix at the New York Post, but it has the earmarks of a publicity release.

And just in time for Father's Day.
Steve Martin's abuse confession
6th June 2007 20:00:01

Steve Martin was once severely beaten by his father as a child.

The comedic actor reveals in his upcoming memoir, 'Born Standing Up', that his dad brutally struck him with a belt when he was just nine years old leading to a 30-year rift.

In the book, Martin describes how he was eating dinner in front of the TV when "my father muttered something to me, and I responded with a mumbled, 'What?'

"He shouted, 'You heard me,' thundered up from his chair, pulled his belt out of its loops, and inflicted a beating that never seemed to end.

"The next day I was covered in welts and wore long pants and sleeves to hide them at school.

"But I swore with icy determination, that only the most formal relationship would exist between my father and me, and for perhaps 30 years, neither he nor I did anything to repair the rift."

The tell-all book, due to be published in December by Scribner, also contains amusing anecdotes from the 'Roxanne' star's life.

Martin reveals he once met Elvis Presley at a Las Vegas show where Martin was opening for singer-and-actress Ann-Margret.

Elvis then took the comic aside and told him, "Son, you have an ob-leek sense of humour."

Martin was then shown a pair of pistols and a derringer Elvis was carrying.


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