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Monday, March 21, 2005

CIA Unveils Old Bin Laden Tape

and a big hello to emdashes

New Yorker; 3/7/2005, Vol. 81 Issue 3, p47, Shouts and Murmurs.
C.I.A. Unveils Old Bin Laden Tape
Steve Martin

Soldier: Glory! We're off on Thursday! Let me give you the phone number where I'll be.
Osama: Great, give it to me.
Soldier: You don't have a pen.
Osama: I can remember it.
Solider: You don't want to write it down?
Osama: No, I can remember.
Soldier: O.K., you would dial zero zero six nine five three eight four twelve twelve six two fourteen ten four seven seven one eight nineteen eight six seven.
Osama: O.K., I got it.
Soldier: You're sure? You want to say it back to me?
Osama; No, not necessary; I got it. Regular bunch of numbers. Now go! Virgins!


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