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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Steve's Pink Panther Clown Car, er, fortwo

PR Newswire US
March 7, 2005 Monday
Face in the Crowd: 'Pink Panther's' Inspector Clouseau Chases Criminals in a smart fortwo

BOBLINGEN, Germany, March 7 /PRNewswire/ -- In "Pink Panther", the new film from Metro Goldwyn Mayer, Inspector Jacques Clouseau (played by Steve Martin) will be chasing criminals in a smart fortwo. Together with his partner Ponton (Jean Reno) he has been given the task of solving the murder of a world-famous football trainer.

But the story is not just about murder. At the same time a ring with an invaluable diamond has disappeared -- known worldwide as the "Pink Panther."

As well as Steve Martin and Jean Reno, the "Pink Panther" cast includes Beyonce Knowles (playing herself: a pop star) and Kevin Kline (Inspector Clouseau and Ponton's boss). The new "Pink Panther" movie will come to theatres before the end of the year.

The "Pink Panther" achieved cult status in earlier films starring Peter Sellers. However unlike in the past, Inspector Clouseau now also drives the right car for the part: The smart fortwo is considered the "it" vehicle in many European cities such as Rome, Paris, London and Berlin. Driving a smart is about more than just getting from A to B. For the owners of a smart, their car is also an expression of their personality and their lifestyle.

Anders Sundt Jensen, Vice President Marketing & Sales at smart says: "There is a good reason why Inspector Clouseau chose a smart fortwo as a police car. Both have a strong character and are the 'face in the crowd' as it were. And last but not least: Steve Martin can get around the city quickly in a smart fortwo."

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