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Monday, January 29, 2007

Letting it all hang out

Steve pics are in the news.

Both were taken on St. Barts last month. One is in the National Enquirer this week (Steve choking Martin Short) here, and one is on -- in a photo essay on celebrity "packages". I'm sure they mean UPS.

Get 'em while you can.
Friday, January 26, 2007

See old clips of Steve on Letterman

NBC has started a site called Dot Comedy ( which will be adding Steve appearances on NBC.

Right now they have an old one from Dave Letterman. Check it out
Tuesday, January 23, 2007

New essay in New Yorker by Steve -- 72 virgins
The New Yorker
Shouts and Murmurs
29 January, 2007

Issue of 2007-01-29
Posted 2007-01-22

Virgin No. 1: Yuck.

Virgin No. 2: Ick.

Virgin No. 3: Ew.

Virgin No. 4: Ow.

Virgin No. 5: Do you like cats? I have fourteen!

Virgin No. 6: I’m Becky. I’ll be legal in two years.

Virgin No. 7: Here, I’ll just pull down your zipper. Oh, sorry!

Virgin No. 8: Can we cuddle first?

Virgin No. 9: It was a garlic-and-onion pizza. Why?

Virgin No. 10: . . . so I see Heath, and he goes, “Like, what are you doing here?,” and I go, “I’m hangin’ out,” so he goes, “Like, what?” . . .

Virgin No. 11: First you’re going to have to show me an up-to-date health certificate.

Virgin No. 12: Hurry! My parents are due home!

Virgin No. 13: Do you want the regular or the special?

Virgin No. 14: I’m eighty-four. So what?

Virgin No. 15: Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Virgin No. 16: Even I know that’s tiny.

Virgin No. 17: “Do it”? Meaning what?

Virgin No. 18: I’m saving myself for Jesus.

Virgin No. 19: Somewhere on my body I have hidden a buffalo nickel.

Virgin No. 20: Don’t touch my hair!

Virgin No. 21: I hope you’re not going to sleep with me and then go sleep with seventy-one others.

Virgin No. 22: Do you mind if we listen to Mannheim Steamroller?

Virgin No. 23: Are you O.K. with the dog on the bed?

Virgin No. 24: Would you mind saying, “Could I see you in my office, Miss Witherspoon?”?

Virgin No. 25: Ride me! Ride me, Lucky Buck!

Virgin No. 26: You like your vanilla hot?

Virgin No. 27: Does Ookums like Snookums?

Virgin No. 28: It’s so romantic here, dead.

Virgin No. 29: Well, I’m a virgin, but my hand isn’t.

Virgin No. 30: You are in?

Virgin No. 31: Hi, cowboy. I just rode down from Brokeback Mountain.

Virgin No. 32: I’m a virgin because I’m so ugly.

Virgin No. 33: You like-ee?

Virgin No. 34: I’ll betcha you can’t get an erection. Go on, impress me. C’mon, show me. Show me, big shot.

Virgin No. 35: By the way, here in Heaven “virgin” has a slightly different meaning. It means “chatty.”

Virgin No. 36: Sure, I like you, but as a friend.

Virgin No. 37: No kissing. I save that for my boyfriend.

Virgin No. 38: I’m Zania, from the planet Xeron. My vagina is on my foot.

Virgin No. 39: It’s a lesion, and, no, I don’t know what kind.

Virgin No. 40: I’m Jewish. Why do you ask?

Virgin No. 41: Hi, I’m Becky. Oh, whoops—you again.

Virgin No. 42: I just love camping! Camping is so great! Can we go camping sometime?

Virgin No. 43: In the spirit of full disclosure, I’m a single mom.

Virgin No. 44: You like my breasts? They were my graduation gift.

Virgin No. 45: When you’re done, you should really check out how cool this ceiling is.

Virgin No. 46: I’m almost there. Just another couple of hours.

Virgin No. 47: Get your own beer, you nitwit.

Virgin No. 48: No, you’ve got it wrong. We’re in the Paradise Casino.

Virgin No. 49: I really enjoyed that. Thank you very much. Gee, it’s late.

Virgin No. 50: You make me feel like a real woman. And after this is over I’m going to find one.

Virgin No. 51: What do you mean, “move a little”?

Virgin No. 52: Not now, I’m on my BlackBerry.

Virgin No. 53: I love it when you put on your pants and leave.

Virgin No. 54: We’ve been together twenty-four hours now, and, you know, sometimes it’s O.K. to say something mildly humorous.

Virgin No. 55: That was terrible. I should have listened to the other virgins.

Virgin No. 56: I think I found it. Is that it? Oh. Is this it? Oh, this must be it. No?

Virgin No. 57: It must be hot in here, because I know it’s not me.

Virgin No. 58: Those are my testicles.

Virgin No. 59: Did you know that “virgin” is an anagram of Irving?

Virgin No. 60: First “Spamalot,” then sex.

Virgin No. 61: Great! I was hoping for circumcised.

Virgin No. 62: Was that it?

Virgin No. 63: Dang. George Clooney was being reckless on a motorcycle, but instead I got you.

Virgin No. 64: Tonight, I become a woman. But until then you can call me Bob.

Virgin No. 65: They’re called “adult diapers.” Why?

Virgin No. 66: We could do it here for free, or on a stage in Düsseldorf for money.

Virgin No. 67: I’m just Virgin No. 67 to you, right?

Virgin No. 68: Pee-yoo. Are you wearing Aramis?

Virgin No. 69: Condom, please.

Virgin No. 70: My name is Mother Teresa.

Virgin No. 71: I’m not very good at this, but let’s start with the Reverse Lotus Blossom.

Virgin No. 72: It was paradise, until you showed up.

Hear Steve on banjo and NPR

Go to this link and you will find not only a short article on Steve's appearance on a new album, but tracks you can listen to, as well as the NPR show itself. There's also a nice pic you can enlarge.

Tony Trischka Has More Than One Banjo on His Knee

Steve Martin, Tony Trischka and Bela Fleck together with their banjos in NPR's New York Bureau.

Weekend Edition Sunday, January 21, 2007 · When people think of the banjo, the music that comes to mind is most likely the theme song from Deliverance or The Beverly Hillbillies. But there's more to a banjo than pop culture plucking. Over more than 30 years, Tony Trischka has explored the instrument and its rich history, from African melodies to jazz fusion and classical arrangements.

Trischka's new album, Double Banjo Bluegrass Spectacular, is billed as an "acoustic bluegrass homecoming." Each song features a banjo duet. The list of guest musicians includes such banjo biggies as Earl Scruggs, Bela Fleck, Steve Martin (yes, the movie star) and Alison Brown.

Multiple banjo music is unusual, says Trischka: "[Banjos are] loud instruments, tricky to get a cohesive, harmonious sound." Guess that makes him a plucky so-and-so.

Banjo Poetry

* Hear 'Double Banjos on the Run,' a poem read by Trischka and Martin with musical background by Bela Fleck

Banjo Performances

Listen to three songs performed live in NPR's New York studio.

* 'The Crow' (by Steve Martin) played by Tony Trischka, Bela Fleck & Steve Martin
* 'Ivory Toad of Catalan' (by Bela Fleck and Tony Trischka) played by Tony Trischka & Bela Fleck
* 'Shuckin' the Corn' (by Louise Certain, Buck Graves & Gladys Stacey) played by Tony Trischka, Bela Fleck & Steve Martin
Sunday, January 14, 2007

No dirt will be dished

Telugu Portal

London, Jan 13 (IANS) Comedian Steve Martin is writing a new autobiography, which will mostly centre on his career.

He has been commissioned to write "Born Standing up" for Simon and Schuster, reported Martin said he would not divulge any details on his past romances and his personal details but instead focus on his years as a stand-up comedian.

PR Inside


Comedian/novelist STEVE MARTIN is telling the story of his life in a new autobiography.
The funnyman, who got serious to star in the acclaimed movie adaptation of his novel SHOPGIRL, has been commissioned to pen BORN STANDING UP for publishing house Simon & Schuster.
Martin insists he won't be dishing the dirt on past romances and personal details, but focusing the book on his years as a stand-up comedian.

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Friday, January 12, 2007

New writers for Pink Panther sequel

All news for "Pink Panther 2, The"

Ganz and Mandel rewrite "Pink Panther" sequel
12 January 2007

There may be a ray of light where the next "Pink Panther" movie is concerned. Despite the fact it got a critical mauling, Steve Martin‘s turn as Inspector Clouseau in last year‘s update of classic franchise proved quite a success at the box office and a follow–up was quickly organized. But now Columbia Pictures have called in veteran comedy screenwriters Lowell Ganz and Babaloo Mandel to rewrite Scott Neustadter and Michael Weber‘s script to – hopefully – ensure some laughs

Ganz and Mandel have previously over–hauled scripts for hits including "Hitch", "50 First Dates" and "National Treasure" so let‘s hope they can work their magic on "Pink Panther 2". Levy meanwhile, who is currently enjoying great success with "Night At The Museum", will only executive produce the sequel.

Steve's Memoirs coming out soonish
Press Release Source: Scribner; Simon & Schuster

Scribner to Publish New Book From Steve Martin on His Early Years

Thursday January 11, 4:48 pm ET

NEW YORK, Jan. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Susan Moldow, Executive Vice President and Publisher of Scribner, an imprint of the Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Division, announced that Scribner will publish a memoir by New York Times bestselling novelist and legendary comedian Steve Martin. The book, titled BORN STANDING UP, is Martin's first work of narrative non-fiction, and is a riveting chronicle of his early years as a stand-up comedian and a fascinating portrait of an era.

Martin, the author of the critically acclaimed and bestselling Cruel Shoes, Pure Drivel, Shop Girl, The Pleasure of My Company, and the play, Picasso at the Lapin Agile, brings all his talent to this taut, moving, exquisitely written, and, of course, laugh-out-loud funny memoir.

"This is a book that no one but Steve Martin could write, but it is also the universally compelling story of a man whose aspirations and fierce tenacity took him to greatness," said Nan Graham, Vice President and Editor- in-Chief of Scribner, who acquired world rights from Martin's longtime agent Esther Newberg of ICM. The book will also be available on compact disk and for digital download from Simon & Schuster Audio, and Simon and Schuster will publish in the United Kingdom.

Scribner is a division of Simon & Schuster, part of the entertainment operation of CBS Corporation, a global leader in the field of general interest publishing, dedicated to providing the best in fiction and nonfiction for consumers of all ages, across all printed, electronic and multi-media formats. Its divisions include the Simon &Schuster Adult Publishing Group, Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing, Simon & Schuster Audio, Simon & Schuster Digital, and international companies in Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. For more information, visit our website at
Thursday, January 11, 2007

Steve and his banjo coming to NPR soon
Announcement: Banjo Virtuoso Tony Trischka to be on NPR with Steve Martin and Bela Fleck

Music NewsBMNN wrote: on Jan. 11, 2007:
Cambridge, MA – Momentum is building for banjo virtuoso Tony Trischka’s new studio album Double Banjo Bluegrass Spectacular (in stores January 23). Trischka will soon be featured on NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday in an enticing segment which will include an interview and performance from Trischka, comedian/musician Steve Martin, and Béla Fleck. Air date is scheduled for either January 21 or 28. Trischka and his special guests will perform music from Double Banjo Bluegrass Spectacular, his first bluegrass album in over 20 years, featuring five Trischka originals in an album of surging full-band tracks each marked by twin intertwining banjos.

Throughout the album, Trischka is joined by an all star cast of guest musicians, including notable five stringers Earl Scruggs, Martin, Fleck, Alison Brown, Tom Adams, Bill Emerson, Kenny Ingram, Scott Vestal, and Noam Pikelny plus Tony Rice, Jerry Douglas, Chris Thile, Sam Bush, Barry Bales, rising star Michael Daves and others.

Trischka kicks off his Double Banjo Bluegrass Spectacular tour on January 11 in his native New Jersey with additional dates to be announced soon. Highlights include a 7-night stand with Bill Evans at the Blue Note on January 23-28 and a headlining performance at Makor on February 11. Trischka will be backed by his bluegrass band (except where noted): Noam Pikelny (banjo), Michael Daves (guitar, vocals), Brittany Haas (fiddle) and Skip Ward (bass). More information is available at or

Upcoming Tour Dates

11, Mexicali Blues, Teaneck, NJ
12, Millenium Stage – Kennedy Center, Washington, DC
13, Gild Hall, Arden, Delaware
15, World Café Live, Philadelphia, PA
17, Green Mountain College, Poultney, VT
18, Club Passim, Cambridge, MA
19, Middle Earth Music Hall, Bradford, VT
20-21, World Financial Center – Winter Garden American Beauty Project: Music of the Grateful Dead, New York, NY*
23-28, Blue Note (w/Bill Evans’ Soulgrass), New York, NY*

10, Westcott Community Center, Syracuse, NY
11, Makor, New York, NY

*Tony Trischka Solo

Posted by cgadmin on Thursday, January 11 2007 @ 04:30:00 EST
Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Steve finally surfaces on St. Barts

The article doesn't say much, but it does have a picture with it. You can find thumbnails of other pics here. It looks to me like there is a foreground shot of his girlfriend Anne Stringfield in one of the small pics, but it's hard to tell.

Although LA-based celebs get to enjoy California's sunshine all year round, that doesn't stop them making the most of other, more exotic, beachside destinations. This year's ultimate hot spot seems to be the French West Indian island of St Barts, and the latest famous faces revelling its charms include Red Hot Chilli Peppers front man Anthony Kiedis and American comedian Steve Martin.

Anthony was spotted frolicking in the surf with his stunning 21-year-old girlfriend Heather Christie. The surf-mad rocker and his photographer love were taking a well-deserved break from their hectic touring schedule on the paradise island's picture-perfect beaches.

Hollywood funny man Steve Martin was also enjoying himself on the island, taking a dip in the crystal clear waters which surround it. The Pink Panther actor looked chilled and relaxed as he hung out with friends on the idyllic coastline, which has drawn discerning sunseekers such as Penelope Cruz and Catherine Zeta-Jones in the past few weeks.

Considered by many to be the Caribbean's most beautiful island, with a lush, hilly interior fringed by dozens of white sand beaches, St Barts is a famed playground for the rich and famous. Arrive on its shores by yacht and you may find yourself dropping anchor next to a floating palace owned by music moguls Diddy or Damon Dash, both of whom are fans of the isle. Celeb spotting is also a favourite pasttime at the harbour in the picturesque capital, Gustavia, where awesome yachts disgorge their lucky owners. Meanwhile, the charming streets of the tax-free city are the perfect place to browse for designer goods from the likes of Cartier and Hermes.
Thursday, January 04, 2007

Steve sold a California house to J.Lo?

So says this blog --

If true, I guess he's really serious about relocating to NYC and true love, not to mention the literati scene.
Tuesday, January 02, 2007

They're writing blogs of love, but not for thee
Huffington Post
Steve Martin

Oh, My Saddam
Steve Martin

Oh, my Saddam, how I loved your funny little ways. The way you held your teacup; the way you enjoyed those who coaxed a smile from you. I love that you found a way to exist in this mixed up world, how you thought, "why be mean when you can be nice?" Saddam, I will miss the way you would point to someone and then they would be dead, the way your puppy Pluto became a rug.

Your loyalty to family is rare in our times. When your half-brother was assassinated, Oh how we wept for you, thinking, what a terrible accident this assassination is. My Saddam, I wish we had more time with you, to find out what makes you tick, tick, tick. How your golden toilet seat will miss you!

You loved to laugh! Not many people know how to do that anymore. Real laughter doesn't come from sit-coms and comedians, real laughter comes when someone bows before you, accidentally stumbles, and then is beheaded. Especially on a staircase. Heads will roll, ha ha! Oh Saddam, if I had you back for just one moment, I would ask, if you could shoot just one person in the back of the head, who would it be? I wish it were me!

Who can deny your gifts? Your novel, so romantic and sweet. I'm sorry it was only published in Arabic and read by your friends. What a waste. And your glorious gesture for peace, the symbolic lighting of the Kuwaiti oil fields!

And now you are in heaven. How the trumpets must be sounding. A life, perhaps imperfect, but pure in motive! The world might have lost one affable curmudgeon, but heaven has received him. Saddam, enjoy the hosts of souls waiting to see you on the other side!

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